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I work in Gig Harbor, WA and see a ton of people with National Rifle Association stickers.

The NRA was founded in November 1871, just a few months after the Civil Rights Act of 1871, which firmly identified the Klu Klux Klan as a “terrorist organization”

In 1870-1871, US Congress wrote the Enforcement Act; A bill that was meant to protect Southern blacks from being denied their rights (like holding government office positions or voting) particularly in the Deep South.

However, protecting non-whites in the South was almost impossible since many members of law enforcement and government held extremely racist sentiment. Most Southern blacks whom tried to acquire firearms were often denied.

Article 3 of the NRA’s mission statement is quoted “To train members of law enforcement agencies, the armed forces, the militia, and people of good repute in marksmanship and in the safe handling and efficient use of small arms.”
Generally those people of ‘Good Repute’ were not persecuted newly freed blacks in 1871.

"In some areas, other local paramilitary organizations such as the White League, Red Shirts, saber clubs, and rifle clubs continued to intimidate and murder black voters.[71]"

Im not saying the NRA is the direct descendant of a waning KKK, or that they have a purely racial agenda but history makes clear some connections. What I know for sure is that many people in Gig Harbor hold strong Republican sentiment and have staunch generational conservative views, and its all quite a coincidence.